Steve McDonald at the Elevate Live Conference in Zurich, provides an overview of Clare W. Graves’ model of human evolution, with an emphasis on our current transition beyond the Scientific-Industrial era.

Includes basic diagrams of the Graves’ model (nested layers of consciousness and the ‘roller coaster’ change trajectory. Enjoy your brief journey through humanity’s past, present and future. (54 minutes)


TransRational Layers - 7+ (Guided by direct knowing)

Layer 7 – [Individual]

Species Level: Momentous Leap

Personal Level: Integrative, Multidimensional Existence. Seeks to ensure the survival of humanity.

Rational Layers 4-6 (Guided by rational thought)

Layer 6 – [Communal] 

Species Level: Relativistic, Anthropocentric Existence

Personal Level: Sociocentric Pacifist. Seeks deep human connection.

Layer 5 – [Individual] 

Species Level: Scientific-Industrial Existence

Personal Level: Competitive Entrepreneur. Seeks personal success.

Layer 4 – [Communal]

Species Level: Authoritarian, Agricultural Existence

Personal Level: Dutiful Existence. Seeks to serve a higher cause.

PreRational Layers 1-3 (Guided by urges, instincts and emotions)

Layer 3 – [Individual] 

Species Level: Dominant Warlords

Personal Level: Teen years. Seeks to explore personal power.

Layer 2 – [Communal] 

Species Level: Tribal Existence

Personal Level: Early Childhood. Seeks safety in numbers, harmony with nature

Layer 1 – [Individual]

Species Level: Hunter-Gatherers

Personal Level: Infancy. Seeks survival needs.


A Practical Guide to Making a Difference in a Polarized World

This book by Monica Bourgeau provides a wonderful, up-to-date and easy to read introduction to the work of Dr Clare W Graves (1914-1986). Grave’s research based model of human nature is the foundation for much of our global commentary on the Future Sense podcast. This book includes a foreword by Steve McDonald and is a great resource for anyone trying to make sense of human behaviour in today’s highly complex and rapidly changing world.

Visit https://thechangecode.net for more information and links to purchase the book.


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